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Vito 80 in tank oil filter c/w Vito Oiltester, 100 filters & Training*


Vito 80 in tank oil filter system c/w Vito Oiltester, 100 filters and on site training in Leinster area.

*Outside Leinster training cost on a case by case basis


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Vito 80

Vito 80 is suitable for all fryers


Vito 80 cleans the oil and provides an easy and hygienic filtration in the kitchen. The filter offers microfiltration up to 5 microns. As an additional feature there are no chemicals needed to clean the oil and as such the Vito 80 preserves the optimal taste of the fried dishes. The unique design ensures that the Vito can handle temperatures of up to 175 degrees Celsius and provides the highest safety at work because it avoids direct contact between the operator and the hot oil. After filtration the oil can be used immediately for frying again.

The Vito 80 is a real miracle which saves oil, labour and stock ground.

To optimize the benefits of the Vito 80 it should be combined with the Vito oiltester.

The oiltester is included in the price quoted.


All benefits at a glance:

Big saving potential:

Less oil consumption

Less personnel costs

Less storage costs

Fast amortization (4-12 months)


Constant quality of fried dishes

Easy handling:

Automatic filtration

Fast filtration

Low cleaning effort


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 475 × 229 × 229 mm

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